D-Berlin, Universität der Künste, library

Copy of the concerto for two harpsichords in c Minor, BWV 1060 (parts)

1. Appearance
Shelfmark                              H 791, fascicle 3
Extent 21 leaves (incl. harpsichord-part: 9 leaves)
Measurement, in cm 35,5 x 22
Rastrology, in cm 0,9
Quire/Foliation The harpsichord-part probably originally was a Quaternio with a single leaf, stitched with thread; today it is bound into a cardboard and sticked together by sticky tape.
Violino I and II: Binios stitched with thread each; Viola and Basso: single sheet.
Scribe several unknown scribes
Dating 19th century

2. Contents
Arrangement                           Harpsichord I:
f. 1r: title page: "CONCERTO / doppio: Incip. Allegro / Per il / Clavicemba Primo. / Violino. Primo. / Violino Secondo. / Viola / et / Basso Ripieno. / Del Sig. Sebast. Bach" f. 1v - 9r: BWV 1060
f. 9v: blank

Violino I:
f. 1r: title page: "Violino Primo. / doppio Con. N. 9"
f. 1v - 4r: BWV 1060, title-heading "Violino Primo. / Concerto / Allegro."
f. 4v: blank (with rastrology)

Violino II:
f. 1r: title page: "Violino Secondo. / doppio Con. N. 9"
f. 1v - 4r: BWV 1060, Kopftitel: "Concerto. Violino Secondo. / Allegro"
f. 4v: blank (with rastrology)

f. 2v - 2r: BWV 1060; title-heading: "Viola. / Concerto. / Allegro."

f. 2v - 2r: BWV 1060; title-heading: "Concerto Basso. / Allegro."

3. Miscellaneous
Foreign/later entries                dynamic marks (sproadic)
Condition of source moderately (bleed-through, water stains, leaves partly darkened and ripped in the fold, today sticked with sticky tape)
Provenance ? - Berlin, Königliches Institut für Kirchenmusik - Moskau - Staatsbibliothek "Unter den Linden" - Berlin, Universität der Künste (früher Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst), library
Remarks There are three different grades of paper, a thick and firm one in the harpsichord-part, a somewhat thinner in the Violin-parts, and a real thin one for the Viola and Continuo-parts.