D-Berlin, Universität der Künste, library

Copy of the concerto for two harpsichords in c Minor, BWV 1060

1. Appearance
Shelfmark                              H 791, fascicle 1
Extent 30 leaves (incl. harpsichord-part 10 leaves)
Measurement, in cm harpsichord-part: 24 x 32;
orchestra parts: 31,5 x 24;
duplicate copies: 32 x 24,5
Paper/Watermark a) PIETER DE VRIES & COMP.',
b) 'Lilienschild with PDV & Co'
Quire/Foliation The parts are stitched with thread each (except basso: single sheet)
Scribe several unknown scribes
Dating 2nd half of 18th century

2. Contents
Arrangement                           harpsichord I:
f. 1r - f. 10r: BWV 1060; title-heading: "Cembalo Primo  Concerto doppio / Del Sig. Sebast: Bach. / Allegro"
f. 10v: blank (with rastrology)

Violino I:
f. 1r - 3v: BWV 1060; title-heading:"Violino Primo." (links:) "Concerto / Allegro"
f. 4r - 4v: blank (with rastrology)

Violino II:
f. 1r - 3v: BWV 1060; title-heading: "Violino Secondo." (links:) "Concerto / Allegro."
f. 4r - 4v: blank (with rastrology)

f. 2v - 2r: BWV 1060; title-heading: "Viola" (links:) "Concerto. / Allegro."

f. 2v - 2r: BWV 1060; title-heading: "Basso" (links:) "Concerto. / Allegro.)"

Duplicate copies: Violino I and II:
f. 1r - 4r: BWV 1060; title-heading: "Violino primo (bzw. secondo.)"
f. 4v: blank (with rastrology)

3. Miscellaneous
Foreign/later entries                The parts are paginated (with pencil);
corrections and fingerins in the harpsichord-part
Condition of source moderately (bleed-through, water stains, partly the leaves are ripped at the edges and in the fold, partly they have darkened)
Provenance ? - Berlin, Königliches Institut für Kirchenmusik - Moskau - Staatsbibliothek "Unter den Linden" - Berlin, Universität der Künste (früher Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst), library
Remarks The two duplicate copies differ from the other parts in paper and scribe; the harpsichord and Basso-part are written by another scribe, too.