Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750)GND

Erschallet, ihr Lieder [Weimar version] BWV 172; BC A 81a

Sacred cantata (1st Day of Pentecost)

Tr, Timp, Vl, 2 Va, Vc, Fag
Early performances

Weimar version in C major (= choir pitch; standard pitch = D major); about pitch see NBA I/13 (score), p. Vf. This version is not fully reconstructable. The parts of S, A, T, B, violin II, oboe and Basso contino (and perhaps also flute) are lost. Lit.: Dürr St 2, p. 73;
Probably further performance of this version in Köthen between 1717 and 1722.
probably S. Franck
NBA, I/13, -- (Dietrich Kilian, 1959) – Critical report (1960), S. 7
D-B Mus. ms. Bach St 23 
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